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I operate under the name Infomatique but also as William Murphy. One of my major interests is street photography and the purpose of my websites is to make my collection of 100,000 photographs available to the general public free of charge. Because of the the size of the catalog the task is way more complicated than one might expect so the sites are constantly being changed as I try new ideas. If you do encounter any problems or if you wish to use any of my photographs please contact me using the contact form. SPORTING EVENTS | STREET PHOTOGRAPHY BY WILLIAM MURPHY | William Murphy [ Infomatique ]


Dublin Marathon 2013 - The Good Samaritan

This is heart warming is it not! Ronan Smith of Roscommon Harriers is assisted by Mark Bermingham of Clonliff Harriers. The good news is that he actually finished the marathon [placed 399 overall] but Mark finished one place behind him at 400.   There was a really sad story associated with this year’s event. On Wednesday the organisers issued the following statement: “Ricki Savage, a 27-year-old English runner, collapsed at the finish line on Monday and was immediately treated by the St. John’s Ambulance medical crew on site. He was then transferred by ambulance to St. Vincent’s Hospital where he remained in a stable but very serious condition until he passed away”. Ricki took part in the run to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation.

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