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Eco-i-Lite Power failure light, Handheld light, Nightlight (2 Pack Silver)

Eco i Lite Power failure light, Handheld light, Nightlight (2 Pack Silver)

  • Don’t get caught in the dark in the event of a true emergency. Plug the power failure light into any indoor outlet and after its initial 24 hour charge, the handheld light will light up instantly upon a blackout, or when it is removed from its power source.
  • 6 LEDs with emergency flasher in each handheld light. Handheld light always charging when kept in base.
  • 2 LEDs in each nightlight base. Nightlight base switch offers 3 different functions; auto (soft nightlight), off (no nightlight) and on (brighter nightlight).
  • New technology Induction Charging base provides safe and reliable charging, with no contact prongs. Protect yourself and your family during any weather related power failure; blizzards, floods, hurricanes, ice storms, thunderstorms, tornadoes, blackouts, brownouts, windstorms.
  • Prongs rotate to fit all AC 120V – 60Hz wall sockets. Decorator design fits in with any room d├ęcor. Convenient as a nightlight or emergency use, place one in every room of your home; bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, hallways, entrance ways, family room, den, home office, basement.

When the power goes out Eco-i-Lite automatically turns on! The 6 LED handheld light with emergency flasher comes out of the charging base effortlessly to light your way. Handheld light lasts up to 7 hours, after initial 24 hour charge and continues to charge while stored in base. Use the Auto function and the 2 LED nightlight automatically turns on with a soft light when the room or space becomes dark. Use the On function for a brighter 2 LED nightlight or the Off function if no nightlight is desired. New technology Induction Charging base is safe and reliable with low energy consumption. Environmentally friendly Lithium Ion battery and LED bulbs require no replacement. This multi-function, Always Within ReachTM power failure light is energy efficient, low energy consumption and powered by an ENERGY STAR qualified battery charger for a better environment.

Eco i Lite Power failure light, Handheld light, Nightlight (2 Pack Silver)

List Price: $ 49.99


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